Mission and Vision 
We believe that patient care is an art based in science and that it is creative within the limits of a prescribed medical plan of care and the patient’s wishes. We believe that patient care is a service to individuals, to families and, therefore, to society, which is planned to assist persons at various levels of wellness in the performance of those activities contributing to health. The overall goal of patient care is to assist the patient in overcoming their health related limitations, in progressing toward optimal health, and/or level of functioning or to a dignified death.

We believe that each patient and family have individual needs and expectations which serve as the basis for patient care and that the scope of care must reflect these as well as the degree of limitation being experienced at any given point in a continuum. We believe that each person is a unique human being, a member of a family and a community, and possesses an identity of their own which must be preserved and respected.

We believe that the patient is an active participant of the health care team. We believe and support the patient’s right to be a decision maker in his care. We believe the patient has a right to refuse.

We believe that patient care is best delivered in an atmosphere which allows staff accountability for patient care decisions. We believe that professional staff should participate in decisions that affect their practice. Patient care is planned in collaboration with a team of health care professionals and administered by individuals prepared at levels of knowledge and skill appropriate to their delegated responsibilities and based on the patient’s assessed needs.

We believe that continuing education is an integral part of each individual’s responsibility to himself and to his position, and that he should avail himself of these opportunities.

We believe that within patient care there must exist planned resources (both fiscal and supportive) and an atmosphere conducive to the meaningful learning of all persons. To that end, we support the process of continued growth and development in our professional lives.
We believe that the health care environment is fluid and continually changing. This environment creates the challenge of providing health care that is innovative, creative, compassionate, and cost effective.

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