Endoscopy Services

The Endoscopy Department at Houston Northwest Medical Center provides modern hospital care in surroundings close to your home and family. The Endoscopy Department offers trained employees and advanced equipment to provide quality care to our patients. You will receive quality medical attention from our skilled and caring staff who will work closely with your physician. Additionally, there are many physician specialties and other services that are provided by our hospital and designed to ensure that your medical needs, anticipated and unanticipated, are met.

To schedule a procedure, please call (281) 440-2600.

To better understand how an endoscopy is performed click below on the specific procedure:
Upper GI Series

What to Expect Before, During and After a Procedure

Endoscopy Services Brochure
For a pdf copy of our comprehensive brochure that details what to bring to the hospital, preparation, what to expect after the procedure and financial arrangements, click here for the Endoscopy Services Brochure.

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Making Healthcare Decisions
We recognize that being hospitalized can be a very stressful experience. We are here to help you with that experience. People usually have many questions and this booklet has been prepared to answer some of your questions, and to help you understand your rights and some of the decisions you may face. We have many resources available that can help you through this time. Click here for our resource packet.