Skilled Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Whether you’ve dislocated your shoulder, torn a ligament or are experiencing the pain and discomfort of tendonitis, shoulder conditions can severely limit your ability to work, play and enjoy normal activities. At Houston Northwest Medical Center, our skilled orthopedic doctors can help heal your shoulder injuries and get you back to the activities you enjoy.

Our shoulder care includes:

  • Advanced diagnostic imaging to diagnose the root cause of stiffness, pain, inflammation or immobility in the shoulder
  • Medical and surgical treatments for shoulder injuries and conditions, including dislocations, bursitis and rotator cuff injuries
  • Comprehensive orthopedic rehabilitation program delivered by our trusted rehabilitation team

Treatment That Fits

The orthopedic specialists at Houston Northwest believe in a conservative approach to treatment that addresses your pain in the most responsible way possible. Our treatment of shoulder conditions begins with pain management, rehabilitation and physical therapy. Advanced imaging technology allows our doctors to diagnose shoulder conditions quickly and accurately to determine if surgery is necessary.

If you do require surgery, you have access to experienced orthopedic surgeons dedicated to helping you get back to enjoying the activities you love, without pain or restriction.

Get The Help You Need

Ready to take the next step in relieving your shoulder pain? To find an orthopedic specialist at Houston Northwest, use our online doctor search.

For an appointment or to learn more about orthopedic services offered at Houston Northwest Medical Center, please call (855) 997-7246.

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