Tests & Screenings

Finding the source of your sleep condition is one of the first steps in proper treatment. At Houston Northwest Medical Center, we offer a wide range of tests and screenings at our hospital or our fully equipped imaging centers. Among common tests and screenings:

At-Home Screening

At-home screening from the Sleep Center enables you to perform your sleep test at home. You’ll be given equipment to bring home and shown how to use it at the Sleep Center. Once you have completed your test, return the equipment to the Sleep Center. Your results will then be reviewed by one of our board-certified sleep medicine doctors.

Inpatient Sleep Study

For those who wish to undergo sleep testing at the Sleep Center, we provide a luxurious room to make your sleep as comfortable as possible. Sensors are placed on your scalp, chest and legs to monitor various aspects of your sleep, including airflow, brain waves and oxygen levels. A board-certified sleep medicine doctor interprets the results of your sleep study.