​Michael's ​S​tory

Heart Attack Patient Returns to an Active Life

Michael Bosley

Michael Bosley has always been a man on the move. After working as a ski patrolman in Pennsylvania and Montana, he then spent 20 years driving a big rig on hauls that took him to every state in the continental United States.

And Bosley has been an avid bicycle rider, racing road bikes and enjoying long-distance bike rides in Vermont and Pennsylvania. He also is training to become certified by the International Police Mountain Bike Association to serve as a member of the Bike Medic Response Team for Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services (CCEMS), which he currently assists by operating the “gator” (an all-terrain vehicle) at large events.

But one day, as he was riding his mountain bike around northwest Houston,he was forced to stop when he started to not feel well. Bosley, who was certified as a basic medic in 2002, called a coworker to pick him up and take him to a nearby CCEMS station. While there, he was hooked up to an EKG monitor, which showed that he was having a heart attack. Bosley was then quickly transported by ambulance to Houston Northwest Medical Center.

“I am a physically fit person, but heart disease runs in my family and my father had triple bypass surgery at the age of 56,” says Bosley,
who is in his early 60s. “I knew that when I went to Houston Northwest Medical Center, I was in capable hands since I have worked
with most of the staff in the hospital emergency room.”

On the evening of July 25, Bosley underwent interventional cardiac catheterization to restore blood flow in a blocked artery
to his heart. He stayed in the hospital for two nights before going home and now sees his cardiologist for checkups about every six months.

“I don’t have any restrictions on my activities after my heart attack,” says Bosley. “My experience at Houston Northwest Medical Center was great.”

This testimonial reflects actual results achieved by this patient. Naturally, each case is different and must be independently evaluated and managed.